Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wayne Christian: Personal Observations and the YCT

Former Texas State Rep. Wayne Christian's latest newsletter has some worthwhile observations:
I believe Texas is regressing, whether under Republican or Democratic control, to a larger, more imposing government. Many throw out conservative “soundbites” and hide behind legislative issues that “frankly” in Texas are honored by most R and D voters alike. For example, gun rights and anti-abortion issues are two topics that a majority of Republicans and Democrats stand united. It is also easy to find legislatures who pass multiple “conservative anti-federal” resolutions, which while making for good “bragging rights” have no actual legal authority.


Here are a few additional personal observations that I have made over the past 14 years in the Texas House, which might help explain why your issues and concerns aren’t being treated quite in the manner you’d expect.:

1.      Neither “Party” is working primarily to accomplish the desires and beliefs of the citizens through winning issues and legislation. Both Republican and Democratic Parties are working to win elections for WHOEVER carries their label in the elections, regardless of their beliefs! Which technically, is not “wrong” unless they have lead citizens to believe otherwise.

2.      There are several multi-million dollar “groups”  composed of qualified, conservative intellects whose job it is to create studies, research, literature, debate topics and more, all in hopes to further the conservative effort. This would be highly beneficial if there was an added program within or related to each group to put their data into action. However, they have NO “real” dedicated programs or methods to actually attain legislative victories or in any way apply their valid conclusions.
While I do believe, their work is commendable and extremely valuable these groups hide (much as many churches do) behind the tax law and claim, “we would lose our tax status if we actually became involved in specific party politics or issues.” So, the facts you read about from various groups and institutions are just that, facts, but remain incomplete without enacted legislation. I guess that does at least prove one old saying wrong when considering government:  Talk ain’t necessarily cheap!

3.      So, why are we not seeing the benefit of the costly research done within each group? Because, any group, legislator, or individual who attempts to debate, organize, or inform voters to achieve the goals articulated in these studies may pay the perilous penalty of being “cast out” of the Capital!Therefore, creating a vicious cycle of:
A) Voters voting for the candidate who will hopefully fight for and win their particular cause or issue, but then…
B) We have Legislators who justify their less than aggressive stance in the legislature by using the debatable argument that they can accomplish more in office, than being ousted by fighting or challenging the goals of “leadership.” This is truly a sad and messy conflict of which most constituents are unaware.
Cahnman's Musings concurs with that last point; in that spirit, Wayne Christian endorses a new effort to translate principles into action:
Thus, it is with great pride I endorse the Young Conservatives of Texas’ new website and issues posting. These “young” conservatives act independently and boldly to expose and stand for true conservative issues, regardless of powerful opposition. This current session, Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) have been one of few conservative voices making a real difference in the Texas Capitol. Last week, YCT released a finalized version of their new website designed to make legislators vote conservatively. The website: contains over 500 bills and tells legislators ahead of time whether the bill is supported or opposed. The idea is to encourage legislators to push these bills out of committee and to the floor for a vote. With the bills specifically named, there is no excuse for Representatives and Senators to vote wrong on these important bills.
 This is a welcome development heading into the last six weeks of the 83rd Legislature.

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