Monday, September 17, 2012

1400 years of Islamic Conquest: William J. Federer

This past Saturday, I saw the presentation Islamic Conquest: Past and Present; in no particular order, these are my takeaways:

  • Moderate Muslims aren't a threat.  While all Muslims believe the world must ultimately submit to Islam, they disagree over the timing.  Radical Muslims believe that time is coming soon and that they must usher it in; moderate Muslims believe the time the world must submit to Islam is far enough in the future that they can peacefully coexist with the infidels.
  • The purpose of Christianity is to give people as many chances as necessary to repent; Muslims send people to hell.
  • Mohammed couldn't read; he had the Christian gospels told to him through heretical sources.  As a result, Muslims believe the Christian trinity is God the father, Jesus, and Mary.  Muslims have no conception of the Holy Spirit.
  • Medina was originally a Jewish city before Mohammed conquered it.
  • There are two sets of verses in the Koran.  The early verses, from the Meccan period, are (relatively) peaceful; the later verses, from the Medinan period, are violent.  Much like the Old Testament and the New Testament, the later verses supersede the earlier.
  • You can't split the Religious part of Islam from the Political and Military.
  • Islam is financed by slavery and plunder, not wealth creation.
  • Mohammed's conquering strategy -- Immigrate, Increase, Eliminate.  This means that they come to a new land, establish enclaves where local laws don't apply, stay on the down low while they build up their strength, then eventually take over violently.  In the United States, we're currently in the increase phase.
  • Most Muslims don't know the Koran or their own history.
  • #1 crime in Scandinavia is Muslim men raping European Women.
  • Radical Marxists and Radical Muslims both want to eliminate the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization.
  • Islam is not a redemptive religion; you have to earn salvation through works.
  • The only way to guarantee salvation in Islam is martyrdom.
  • A large percentage of Sharia concerns how you treat people outside the faith.
  • The Islamic conception of Jesus is the Christian anti-Christ.
  • Islam spread from eastern Afghanistan to Spain within 100 years of Mohammed's death.
  • It took 700 years to drive the Muslims from Spain.
  • Islam is a 'religion of peace' in that there will be peace AFTER the world submits to Allah; thus, when George W. Bush repeatedly said Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims interpreted it to mean the U.S. President was saying the world will submit to Islam.
  • Jesus never lied; Mohammed specifically advocated lying to advance Islam.
  • Jesus never forced anyone to follow him; Mohammed did.
  • Jesus forgave insults; Mohammad didn't.
  • Muslim Brotherhood strategy -- Like Mohammad's strategy listed above, their strategy is to peacefully assemble a presence, bide their time and weaken us from within, then ultimately attack.
  • Mufti of Jerusalem, 1930's -- Told Hitler "I don't want the Jews, kill them."
  • Muslims are taking over Latin American drug cartels; Hugo Chavez is teaching Jihadists Spanish.
  • If someone says Sharia is compatible with the United States' Constitution they're either: Ignorant, Afraid, Profiteering, or Lying.
  • Dearbornistan -- "We will use the freedoms of the U.S. Constitution to destroy the constitution."
  • Islamic Subversion is a Women's issue.  Women are treated like property in Islamic Culture.  Thus, if you believe in a society where men and women are treated equally, you cannot support or appease Islamic subversion.
  • Sex Depravation Syndrome -- In their culture, you can't marry until you have enough money for a wife, so the sexual motivation of 'martyrdom' is REALLY powerful.
  • Christian women witnessing to Muslim women is the best way to rescue people from Islam.
  • Love the individual Muslim, stop the agenda.

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