Saturday, September 22, 2012

NY Times Columnist ignores NY Times to attack Texas!!!

Last night, I was perusing this interview with NY Times columnist Gail Collins, when she produced this gem:
[Texas is] a state that's going to be majority Hispanic, and you would want to see is a state that's preparing for this day be doing a stupendous job of educating it's minority kids....And I'm not seeing the love there.
As Gail Collins' own paper has documented, Texas pioneered a $10,000 bachelor's degree to help educate ALL children regardless of race.

Apparently, NY Times columnists can't be bothered to check the NY Times before they make assertions.

Why let facts get in the way of a good narrative, eh New York Times?!?

Update: I sent a copy of this post to the communications director at Texas Public Policy Foundation, who noted that, in addition, Hispanic Students in Texas outperform Hispanic Students in other states.

Again, why let facts get in the way of a good narrative, eh New York Times?!?

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  1. That gal thinks like a cow patty ,not a dime of grit, a flatlander with never a minute in the real world. Hell we have a airport in Dallas that is bigger than their own city and its cleaner too with alot nicer bunch of folks. We are free here , we also can drink a 64 oz drink nd we shoot at almost anything we want as long its in season, mostly the bull, but as I read your column I could see you would do well in this state too.

    ps try as i could I was not able to get my dog to poop on your paper . He has his pride to think of and does not want to be made fun of by the other dogs in Town.


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