Friday, September 28, 2012

Pat Caddell: "The Media Have Become the Enemy of the American People"

I've seen this speech floating around Facebook for the past few days.  I was expecting the bigger sites and talk radio to be all over it.  Since they haven't been, I present it to you in it's entirety.

  • We're at the most dangerous time in our history regarding the media.
  • Media changed in the 1980's.  (Author's note: I'm not sure.)
  • The Constitution deliberately did not place checks and balances on the press.
  • National Security Advisor Tom Donilan is "the most amoral person I know in politics."
  • 60% of Stimulus money went to Obama donors.
  • With the Libya incident, the press crossed a new line.
  • The Republican Establishment's inability to fight allows this to happen.
  • Some of the screwy polling "is deliberate."
  • The referees on the field are sacking the QB of one team.
  • Make the press themselves the issue.
  • The Fundamental threat: if the media discredits its integrity, the first amendment won't withstand a demagogue.

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