Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paul Ryan at the Values Voter Summit

Paul Ryan brought his a-game to the Values Voter Summit yesterday:


  • "The Obama Economic Agenda failed not because it was stopped, but because it was passed."
  • "A classic Barack Obama straw-man: If anyone dares point out the facts of his record, then they're being negative and pessimistic about the future of the country."
  • "If we renew the contract [with Obama], we'll get the same deal."
  • "When a Romney/Ryan administration takes office, we will take responsibility."
  • "The only argument Obama can win is against a straw man."
  • "You would be hard pressed to find another group in America that does more to serve women and their babies than the Catholic Church."
  • "In a just society, the law should stand on the side of life."

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