Friday, September 7, 2012

The Walk of Shame Democrats

"he that keepeth company with harlots spendeth his substance." Proverbs 29:3

I've been trying to characterize the Democrat convention since it opened; today, it hit me.

The Democrat convention was a walk of shame.

The lame excuses and justifications Democrats offered for the corrupt devastation of the Barack Obama years are just as pathetic as the lame excuses and justifications people offer after one-night stands.

The walk of shame Democrats cannot defend 8%+ unemployment (which would be closer to 11% if they weren't cooking the books), $16 trillion in debt, health care corruption, running guns to Mexico, and appeasement abroad.  Instead, they excuse and justify their actions.  The walk of shame Democrats tell us "the crisis was worse than we thought," "Obama saved the auto industry," or "we got bin Laden."

Unfortunately, for the walk of shame Democrats, none of this is true.  Barack Obama didn't exactly undersell the crisis.  Obama's takeover of the auto companies was a corrupt boondoggle that rewarded Obama's union cronies.  Obama's version of the bin Laden raid is a fairy tale.  The walk of shame Democrats offer excuses and justifications to avoid the consequences of their actions.

The Barack Obama years wrought an orgy of destruction.  Incomes are down.  Divorce rates are up.  Food Stamp records are shattered.  Undaunted, the walk of shame Democrats ask America to continue gambling with the wages of sin.

We learned a lot about Democrats in Charlotte.  Facing entrenched unemployment, a looming debt crisis, and impending peril abroad, the walk of shame Democrats chose to define themselves as the party of subsidized fornication.  Sadly, that's all you need to know.


  1. Excellent post !! Great original thoughts... keep it up !

  2. The DNC Convention reflect the lack of harmony and agreement on important issues on a basic level and showed a group of people who were rude during a Bishop's service, chaotically at odds with support of Israel and the inclusion of God in their Convention. Debbie Wasswerman is a good example of the morality of their party....they can and will lie to your face without a flicker of equivocation. Shameless lot!


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