Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Glenn Beck's Return to TV means for Fox

He's baaaaaack; today on his radio show, Glenn Beck announced:
“Today TheBlaze has announced and the New York Times front page of the business section has announced that TheBlaze TV is now officially a television network as well as an Internet television network. Today we are debuting on our first carrier, DISH. In fact, if you are at home in some parts of the country, it has started already,”
This is huge; along with Breitbart, it will change the media.

As great as this is for conservatism, it could be a mortal threat to Fox News.  Fox News has been able to prosper by being less bad than the other cable networks.  TheBlaze's emergence on television means that cannot continue.

Fox News, even before Roger Ailes' infamous "course correction," always shared the shortcomings of cable news with it's lower rated competitors.  Cable news, at least as it's currently understood, spends too much time reacting to the news of a day.  Cable news wastes time on brainless crap.  Cable news uses the ossified Democrat Strategist/Republican Strategist as a crutch.

There's a reason why, when he was at Fox, Glenn Beck had the most successful show on the network.  Glenn Beck went beyond the news of the day.  Glenn Beck explained the Progressives.  Glenn Beck explained Cloward and Piven.  Glenn Beck broke the Chicago Climate exchange.

I've always said that Fox News, while it doesn't (or didn't pre-course correction) share the political biases of the rest of the media, still shares the cultural biases of the NYC/DC/LA set.  Glenn Beck has never been part of that crowd, even when he lived in New York.  Glenn Beck is culturally Middle American and, as such, he lives in truth.

Fox News better step up it's game, otherwise Glenn Beck will leave them in the dust.

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  1. Love it, Adam, and I wholeheartedly agree! Beck is going to take the traditional cable news outlets to the woodshed. New, fresh, production standards; new, fresh, and innovative ideas; and topics that really matter. Beck is doing and will continue to baffle everyone, because everyone thought he was insane. The joke is on them. I say Beck is the modern-day Gideon.


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