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MOVIE REVIEW: "The Project" on TheBlazeTV

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

Since the 2010 controversy over the Terrorist Victory Monument Ground Zero Mosque, Islamic cultural subversion in the United States has come under scrutiny.  "The Project" on theBlazeTV examines the state of play surrounding Islamic cultural subversion and is required viewing for anyone who wants to understand current controversies.  "The Project" should also be viewed by anyone who believes Islamic cultural subversion is not a big deal.

Contemporary Islamic cultural subversion is very similar its Communist equivalent from the 1930's to the 1950's.  The project, written in 1982, is a document discovered by Swiss Law enforcement two months after 9/11.  Similar to the 1963 goals of the Communist Party USA, the project outlines the Muslim Brotherhood's "Grand Jihad" to "eliminate and destroy Western Civilization from within."  The project advocates taking over Western Civilization by deception and evolutionary sabotage, rather than revolution.  The endgame, however, is exactly the same as Usama bin Laden's

Islamic 'scripture' commands all Muslims to conquer the Globe in the name of Allah.  While they agree on the goal, Muslims disagree on timing and tactics.  Moderate Muslims believe the time of Global Dominance is so far in the future that they have no special obligation to bring it about.  Radical Jihadists, however, believe they are obligated to bring Islamic dominance into being.  There are two types of radical Jihadists: violent and stealth.  Violent Jihadists, like Usama bin Laden, believe in direct confrontation.  Stealth Jihadists, by contrast, seek to weaken us from within first and kill us later; the Project details the plan for stealth cultural subversion.

"The project" chronicles Islamic cultural subversion in the United States over the past decade.  Just like the minions of Saul Alinsky, the primary strategy of civilizational Jihadists is to entrench themselves and corrupt influential institutions from within.  That starts with culture, education, and media then moves quickly to finance and government.  For Islamic cultural subversives, the current operational objective is to silence honest discussion of Islamic 'scripture;' their primary tactic is political correctness and the word 'Islamophobia.'  Islamophobia, a term deliberately modeled after similar homosexual efforts, is designed to slander anyone who honestly discusses Islamic 'scripture' as a bigot.  Of the many examples cataloged, I find the purge of FBI training materials most disturbing.

This is not a Democrat/Republican issue.  Both parties are guilty.  Infiltration by Islamic cultural subversives began under George W. Bush, it's gotten infinitely worse under Barack Obama.  This past summer, when five members of Congress sent letters requesting more information to the Inspectors General of five federal departments, they were first attacked by Republicans.  The only difference is that where establishment Republicans are either willfully blind or ignorantly profiteering, the Barack Obama Democrats are deliberately treasonous.

Moving forward, making public the documents already possessed by the executive branch is the top priority.  In the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the Bush Justice Department provided 80 boxes of discovery material to the defense.  After the Obama administration came into office, those boxes were sealed away in a federal warehouse.  While the public cannot access those documents, an even bigger outrage is that Congressional Intelligence Committees cannot access them either.  The United States cannot solve this problem until the public (or at least Congress) grasps its magnitude.

For those of us who believe in the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization, a dirty little secret exists.  The struggle against Islamic cultural subversion is almost identical to the struggle against Communist cultural subversion.  With courage and truth, we can defeat both; hopefully without firing a shot.  Andrew Breitbart famously observed that culture, education, and media lie upstream of policy; that's just as true for cultural Jihad as cultural Marxism.  Step 1 is to honestly, if belatedly, define our enemy and their objective.  "The project" on theBlazeTV does exactly that, using that enemy's own words.  Do you want to face the ugly truth, or are you afraid?!?

Read the 1982 document here.

Read the 1991 follow-up document here.

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