Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bibi Netanyahu's United Nations Speech

Bibi spoke to the U.N. today; I was struck by the more in sorrow than anger tone:

  • 3000 years ago, King David reigned in our eternal capital Jerusalem
  • Throughout our history, the Jewish people have overcome every tyrant who has sought our destruction.
  • Tyrannical ideologies have been discarded by history, but the Jewish people live on.
  • Jews have lived in the land of Israel continuously throughout Jewish history.
  • In Israel, we walk the same path today as our patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  • In Israel, the past and the future find common ground.
  • He links the Biblical and the Geopolitical really well.
  • It's not whether this fanaticism [Islamic Supremacism] will be defeated, it's how many lives will be lost in the process.
  • Nothing would imperil our common future more than arming Iran with nuclear weapons.
  • Iran and Al Qaeda have the same motivations (Author's note: Bibi didn't mention this in the speech, but Iran invented Al Qaeda.)
  • Given the pre-existing record of Iranian aggression, imagine Iranian aggression with Nuclear Weapons.
  • Militant Jihadists behave very differently from Secular Marxists (Author's note: As William Federer discussed at the event I attended a few weeks ago, the reason for this is because if you're an atheist who loses everything when you die, you want to live; Islamic Supremacists, by contrast, would rather get into 'heaven' than live.)
  • Iran uses diplomatic negotiations to buy time.
  • Sanctions have not stopped Iran's nuclear ambitions (Author's note: Nor will they.)
  • Red Lines don't lead to war, Red lines prevent war; in fact, the failure to draw red lines often invites aggression.
  • A Red Line must be drawn on Iran's efforts to enrich Uranium.
  • Amassing the enriched Uranium is much more important than the nuclear fuse.
  • The only way to prevent an Iranian nuke is to prevent them from acquiring enough enriched Uranium.
  • I believe that faced with a clear Red Line, Iran will back down (Author's note: God Bless Bibi, but I DO NOT agree with that statement; I think they'll plow ahead)

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