Monday, July 1, 2013

Abortion Industry Victims Share Testimony in Austin

This morning, Cahnman's Musings attended a press conference sponsored by Texas Justice Foundation, a non-profit that helps women recover from abortion.  The Justice Foundation is submitting 900 written testimonies in two volumes in support of the pro-life legislation in front of the Texas Legislature.  At the press conference, seven women shared their stories of horrific abortion experiences that the legislation under consideration would prevent.

Before the press conference, a pro-abortion protestor briefly attempted to interrupt.  She was screaming something about patriarchy.   She didn't speak long enough for us to even pull out our cell phone.

(Author's note: The written word cannot do this testimony justice.  Unfortunately, the video footage of this event in the Senate Archives is not compatible with this website's software.  Thus, our written notes will have to suffice.)

First up was Molly White, of Texas Operation Outcry.  She told how the clinic staff lied to her then left her to bleed out in an alley.  Since her abortion, she's had two miscarriages, 1 stillborn baby, and a hysterectomy.

Next up was Myra Myers.  After her abortion, the abortionist told her "Good news, you no longer have a baby."  Need we say more?!?

After that was Penny.  Unfortunately, we didn't write down her last name.  During her abortion, the attendants didn't allow her to see the ultrasound.  She had been pressured and lied to by the father.  She wanted "to protect women from being led down the same devastating path" she had been.

Patricia Luck-Graham, a star high-school athlete, was forced to abort by her parents when she was 16.  She then had multiple abortions in college.  She said, at the time, people kept asking her 'you're a star athlete, what are you going to do with a baby?!?'

Toni McKinley was drugged against her will by an abortionist who performed the procedure while she was out cold.

Julie Ziglar Norman, daughter of famed business coach Zig Ziglar, told how she began getting free birth control at 14.  When the birth control ultimately failed (which, by law of averages, it eventually will), she had two secret abortions at age 25 and 27. Her abortionist told her: "I love stupid women like you."

One line stood out: "During the thirteen years I hid from my abortion I became very pro-Choice; otherwise I would have had to admit to myself that I killed my own child."  Unfortunately, we didn't write down who said that.

After the women spoke, Representative Steve Toth and Dr./Senator Donnna Campbell briefly addressed the crowd.  Representative Toth said that the Harris County D.A. refusing to investigate the late-term abortion facility recently uncovered in Houston. 

Dr./Senator Campbell, who had just driven in from a 72 hour shift in the emergency room, is the mother of four adopted children.  As an emergency room physician, she's treated scores (if not hundreds) of abortion victims.  She discussed how the practice of medicine has always treated the unborn child as a patient, except when "a predatory abortion industry" wants "to protect their cash cow."

Cahnman's Musings highly recommends you watch the whole thing, via the Texas Senate archives, here.

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