Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evolution vs. Science

An awesome new film from Living Waters ministry uses the words of leading Darwinian evolutionists to illustrate the absurdity of their position:

"The problem with those who don't see evolution is that they don't have imaginations."
 You can read ICR's review here.

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  1. I'd be interested in seeing this video, but I've always found it patently ridiculous that science and religion must always be opposed. In his book "Show Me God" by Fred Hereen, the juxtapositions of both science and religion, specifically Christianity are examined and Hereen shows how science can not only SUPPORT the concept of a divine creator, but also of Christianity itself. There are a few things that fundamentalist Christians must come to understand however - and the first is that the Bible is God's word INTERPRETED by man. Can you imagine the poor shepherd on the hill who was chosen to receive God's vision of how the universe was created? He had no understanding of astrophysics or particle dynamics, of atoms and molecules. All he saw was a flash of light and then there was matter. And how did that shepherd describe it? "On the first day God created the heavens and the earth." I always like to ask Christian fundamentalists, so sure the world was created some four thousand four hundred and some years ago, about dinosaur bones. "So God put them there to trick us?" But the reality we face is that God told us to name things. He set the tree of knowledge in the garden deliberately, knowing (as he is all knowing) that we would eat of the fruit and start our journey, ourselves evolving mentally, physically, and spiritually. Darwinism is THEORY, not scientific law, and as our understanding of genetics improves, even some scientists are coming to the conclusion that Darwin's theory lacks... something. It doesn't explain everything - perhaps it's missing an understanding of the divine touch. That said, we as good Christians must literally hand hold scientists and atheists, working with them to bring them to not only the light of knowledge, but the light of God's love.


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