Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greg Abbott (plus free Beer) draws ENORMOUS Crowd in Austin

Cahnman's Musings attended Greg Abbott's Austin campaign kickoff event earlier tonight in Austin.  We didn't take notes or pictures.  We thus write from memory.

We were impressed.

Between Rick Perry's various campaigns and Ted Cruz's race last year, we've attended A LOT of campaign events in Austin.  Tonight was unique.  We've never seen this many people at an event for a Republican candidate.

There were easily 500  to 750 people present.  This wasn't just tea party folks.  Everyone was there.

General Abbott stated his opposition to having government pick winners and losers in the economy.  The implicit rebuke was obvious if subtle.  He made his opposition to crony capitalism in Austin clear.  Although he "didn't want to look backwards" regarding the current budget, General Abbott stated his opposition to future spending.  Cahnman's Musings looks forward to hearing General Abbott address these questions in detail.

The most impressive aspect of the event, however, was the size and energy of the crowd.  It packed out the side room at Scholz Garten.  Heading into Election 2014, Cahnman's Musings is VERY happy with the enthusiasm we will likely see at the top of the Republican ticket.

Time will tell, tonight's Abbott campaign event in Austin deserves an A+.

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