Monday, July 29, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Transportation Funding Likely Dead for Second Special Session

Cahnman's Musings briefly swung by the Texas Capitol an hour ago.  We had seen on Facebook that the House was scheduled to vote on HJR 2 around five.  We arrived immediately following the conclusion of the vote.

A conservative Representative informed us of the result.  Because SJR 2 would enable a Constitutional Amendment it needed 100 votes to pass.  It only got 84.

We asked this Representative if he thought transportation funding could still rear it's ugly head before the session ends tomorrow at midnite.

"Not unless they can come up with sixteen votes" was his reply "and that ain't gonna happen."

In the extremely likely event of a third special session, conservatives must shift the focus to spending.  The reason this transportation deal hasn't passed yet is because voters don't trust the Republicans on spending.  Republicans need to earn back the credibility they frittered away during the general session if they want voters to trust them with more of their money.


Update: Despite openly carrying water for the big spenders (pun intended), KXAN has more....

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