Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Have a Spirtual Conversation

This fall, almost 300 churches across Austin, TX are going to engage in Explore God, a campaign that seeks to answer spiritual questions people have in our 92% unchurched city.  The campaign will produce a series of videos that will equip believers to discuss God with their unsaved friends, co-workers, and associates.  This is the first video:

Explore God Training Session 1: How to Have a Spiritual Conversation from Hill Country Bible Church Austin on Vimeo.

  • A spiritual conversation is always two ways
    • Not a lecture
    • NOT a sales pitch
  • Attitude - Accepting, Listening, and Loving
    • Not confrontational or harsh
  • Don't interrupt
  • The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS the third party in the conversation
  • People are more open to spiritual conversations than you'd think.
    • Don't like arrogance or condescension.
  • Our part is planting and watering; not forcing change.
  • While people are open to spiritual matters, they lack Christian vocabulary and Biblical knowledge.
    • Jesus spoke in everyday language; that's why he used parables.
  • Be bold, but graciously so.
  • Let the conversation start naturally.
  • Walk, don't wave -- Talk to folks with whom you interact regularly about their lives
  • Icebreakers -- Anything that turns the conversation towards spiritual matters
    • "Did you grow up in Church?!?"
    • "What is your spiritual background?!?"
    • "How do you get through tough times?!?"
    • "Do you ever hope there's more than this?!?"
    • "How do you deal with uncertainty?!?"
  • Jesus asked questions and listened.
  • Next step -- Lunch or Coffee
    • Invite them to Church
    • Send them info

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