Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joe Straus planning a 2015 tax increase?!?

So says David Dewhurst:

In today's San Antonio Express-News, Peggy Fikac details Straus' approach:
“Legislators know that Texas needs a much more comprehensive approach to funding our growing state's growing transportation needs, and another 30-day special session will not change that,” Straus said. “Until members are free to consider real options, beyond simply shuffling taxes from one purpose to another, we will not find a responsible solution to this issue.”
 Of course, with this being Joe Straus, one should always be cautious with any talk of "real options."


  1. I wish Texas would get on board with the idea of balancing the budget. I realize that our transportation infrastructure is underfunded, but is increasing taxes really the way to go here? I'd be willing to pay more in taxes if I knew that taxpayer money wasn't being wasted elsewhere, on things that only a few Texans might be able to enjoy, instead of keeping up with growth.

    1. The money's there in General Revenue if the Lege would simply prioritize....


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