Monday, July 29, 2013

Freedomworks announces John Cornyn protests across Texas

From Freedomworks' Grassroots director:
John Cornyn  left from Senator Lee’s fight to Defund ObamaCare. 
Cornyn should be doing everything he can to fight Obama’s health care takeover. Yet pressure from Mitch McConnell made him squirm, and Cornyn abandoned Senator Lee.\ 
We need to find out why he refuses to stand with Mike Lee and do everything he can to protect Texas from ObamaCare. 
Will you join activists from across the Lonestar State as we pay a visit to John Cornyn’s district offices? 
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul are doing everything possible to stop ObamaCare from being implemented. Yet the GOP Establishment is working to stop them. 
John Cornyn is standing with the Republican elites instead of Texas. And you deserve to know why. 
Texans need answers on why their Senator is standing with the Republican Establishment instead of Texas. Join me and other activists as we visit his district offices to find out why.
You can find Senator Cornyn office locations here.

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  1. I just sent a note to Senator Cornyn. "Defund Obamacare. If you vote to pass an appropriations bill that funds Obamacare, not only will you lose my vote in the next election, but I will actively campaign for the person best able to remove you from office."


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