Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dan Branch and Common Core-style Data Collection

Six weeks ago, we discussed HB 2103, a disastrous law passed by the Texas Legislature during the general session.  At the time, we wanted Governor Perry to veto it.  Unfortunately, in one of the worst moves he's ever made, he signed it into law.

In late May, Donna Garner explained:
[Author's note: This WaPo article is about a similar Federal program]

In a Washington Post article dated 3.13.13, ( ), the U. S. Dept. of Ed. Is being sued because of the changes made to the FERPA law under the Obama administration.  Now private companies and foundations under the cloak of “promoting school reform” are allowed to get access to private student (and teacher) information. No parental permission is required, and student ID’s are linked to their private information.

A database funded by Bill Gates called iBloom, Inc. has already collected personal student data from seven states and will most likely morph into the national database under the Common Core Standards Initiative.

According to the Washington Post article, the information already collected “holds files on millions of children identified by name, address and sometimes social security number. Learning disabilities are documented, test scores recorded, attendance noted. In some cases, the database tracks student hobbies, career goals, attitudes toward school – even homework completion.”

[This is about the Texas Program]

State education agencies from other states can negotiate agreements for these Texas education research centers to share Texas data.

The research centers can also form agreements with local agencies or organizations that provide education services to Texas students, including relevant data about former students of Texas public schools.
 Earlier today, while looking into another topic, we made an interesting discovery about HB 2103.

Who was it's primary sponsor?!?

Dan Branch.

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