Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Judge Tim Sulak Kept Dead People on Texas' Voter Rolls

After yesterday's travesty, this ruling from last year isn't surprising:
Texas officials were temporarily barred by a state judge from ordering county election officials to purge presumably dead voters from registration rolls because the initiative may violate the election code. 
The ruling came in a lawsuit filed yesterday by four Texas voters who were told they would be purged from voter-registration lists as deceased. They asked state court Judge Tim Sulak in Austin to stop the state from striking about 77,000 names from the rolls, arguing the plan violates the Texas election code and the U.S. Voting Rights Act. 
The secretary of state is “restrained from further instructing the counties to remove any other names from the voter rolls,” Sulak said in his order. “Plaintiffs are entitled to temporary injunctive relief.”
In other words, yesterday wasn't the first time Judge Sulak abused his office to protect governmental entities from citizen inquiry.


Reader can contact Judge Sulak via his campaign Facebook Page.

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