Friday, January 3, 2020

#TXLEGE: Cook Children's "hospital" has plenty of money for lawyers

"It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones."
Luke 17:2

We said our piece about the Baby Tinslee case last week.  We stand by it.  It's the most important takeaway moving forward.

Then this happens:
Today, a judge from San Antonio ruled that a North Texas hospital can stop treating an 11-month-old baby, leaving the baby’s family scrambling to save her life.

Baby Tinslee Lewis, born with congenital heart disease, is currently at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth and relies on a ventilator to live. On October 31, despite the objections of her mother, the hospital announced it would remove Tinslee’s ventilator on November 10.

As justification for this decision, the hospital did not provide any reasons relating to bodily health—only a vague “quality-of-life” argument.

The hospital’s action is legal under Texas’ controversial 10-day rule, which allows a hospital committee to end “life-sustaining care” even if the patient, or his or her surrogate, objects; the law also overrides a duly executed medical power of attorney or advance directive from the patient.

Tinslee’s life was temporarily spared when Judge Alex Kim of the 323rd District Court in Tarrant County approved a temporary restraining order filed by lawyers from Texas Right to Life on November 10—the day she was scheduled to die.

However, the hospital dispatched its lawyers to force Judge Kim into recusal, launching a series of harassing subpoenas in an attempt to frame him as being partial.

Though it’s unclear if the subpoenas worked, Judge Kim was ultimately kicked off of the case by out-of-town Judge David Peeples of Bexar County.
Seriously?!?  How much did this cost?!?  Couldn't those funds...cover treatment for an eleven month old girl!?

Money being fungible, etc.

Of course, that's what they didn't do.

Cook Children's "hospital" put the lawyers first.

Quite the statement of priorities.

Do no harm, etc.

Bottom Line: We know the first place we'd look for the funding.

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