Wednesday, January 8, 2020

#TXLEGE: National Democrats will probably blow their chance in HD-28 Special Election

"Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding,
But a rod is for the back of him who is devoid of understanding."
Proverbs 10:13

Is this a joke?!?
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is backing Eliz Markowitz in the special election runoff for state House District 28, her highest-profile endorsement yet in the battleground race.

Markowitz faces Republican businessman Gary Gates in the Jan. 28 race to replace former Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond. Democrats are working to flip the suburban Houston seat as they look to capture the House majority in November.


Biden, who is leading Texas presidential primary polls, is the latest White House contender to get involved in the runoff after Michael Bloomberg visited the district late last month to stump with Markowitz.
Soo, at a time when everyone is sick of national politics, the Democrats plan to win this seat is...Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg?!?

Cuz' that strategy is doomed to failure.

Two months ago, we thought they had a legit shot in this race.  The GOP nominated a terrible candidate with a ton of baggage.  That's still the case.

Yet, two months later, all we're hearing about is...Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg?!?

Even when they try to make an issue out of the afore mentioned baggage, this is the headline they get:

Newsflash: Nobody cares about what comes after the phrase "National Democrats target."  Whatever it is, it just sounds like a bogus political attack.  You just lost the messaging war by framing this as a political story.

Bottom Line: Had the past two months gone differently, it might have been possible.  Now, however, it's hard to see how this race deviates from long term historical averages.  Advantage, incumbent party.

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