Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day 2012: How to REALLY Return Power to the People

With Occupy taking back off, we're going to hear a lot about 'power to the people' over the next few months.  While the phrase 'power to the people' has been hijacked by Marxists, when properly understood the phrase is a call to federalism and local control.

In 2012 and 2013, Americans need to demand Washington D.C. return power to the states, that the states return power to local government, and that local governments and school boards use honest accounting.

From a [Texas-centric] policy perspective, this calls for Uproot and Overhaul at the Federal Level, the Texas Budget Compact at the State Level, and Texas Comptroller Susan Combs local government transparency proposals.

Keeping money and power close to the people keeps the dollar amounts smaller and requires fewer citizens to expose corruption.  It's easier to go to your local city council or school board meeting than it is to visit Austin or Washington D.C.  You only need one to two committed citizens to monitor a school board or local government.

We need to keep government spending as close to the people as possible, instead of laundering it through Washington D.C. and Austin and receiving a smaller amount back with strings attached.  Money laundering between various levels of government creates the conditions in which financial shenanigans flourish.  Large sums of money, laundered through various levels of government, also removes accountability from those who want to push radicalism on unsuspecting youngsters.  It's easier for Marxists to consolidate power at higher levels than across thousands of local jurisdictions; which is why the progressives set things up this way in the first place.

Federalism and local control have to become MAJOR issues against which we judge candidates, especially in primaries.  It's crucial to hold power as accountable to the people as possible.  Sending power as far down the chain of command denotes humility.  Any time you face a seemingly insurmountable problem, step one is ALWAYS to break that problem down into manageable chunks.  Uproot and Overhaul, and the Texas Budget compact are essential early steps....

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