Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texas Association of Businesses Astonishingly Weak Attack on Matt Beebe

This flabbergastingly dishonest advertisement has been airing on WOAI in San Antonio for the past few days.  It contains the following gem:
Matt Beebe hasn't voted in 6 out of the last 8 Republican Primaries
So what?!?   Primary elections are every two years.  That mean this count goes back to 1996 (16 years).  Texas has only had one competitive Republican Primary in that time.

This means Matt Beebe didn't vote in a bunch of elections that weren't competitive at the top of the ticket.  Lots of people are guilty of that sin, especially prior to 2010.  The fact that Matt Beebe has gone from complacency to mounting a credible primary challenge against the incumbent Speaker of the Texas House is a good thing.

Of course, when the candidate you're supporting has a documented history of supporting higher taxes, supporting Casino Gambling, and using Barack Obama's rhetoric you can't do much else.

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