Friday, May 25, 2012

The Utter Collapse of Texas Democrats: On Steve Mostyn and the Federalists circa 1815

For about two years, I've heard rumors around Austin that Texas Democrats are on the verge of long-term catastrophic collapse.  While there are many reasons for this situation, the Obama administration's total, probably criminal, and potentially treasonous failure to secure our border is the primary reason.  I've briefly addressed this before, and occasionally a new piece of evidence pops up that needs to be acknowledged.

Yesterday, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility published a blog post that contained the following gem:
For at least a decade, Texas trial lawyers have underwritten the activities of the liberal, grow-government crowd. With the influence of the Democratic Party waning even further, the trial lawyers are moving their dollars into key GOP contests around the state.
The blog then goes on catalog several Republican state legislative primaries in which Steve Mostyn has involved himself.  For those of you unaware, Steve Mostyn is the George Soros of Texas.  Much like Soros, Steve Mostyn's ultimate goal is to enact a radical leftist agenda, NOT the Democrat Party.  That Mostyn is astroturfing in Republican primaries instead of attempting to elect Democrats in the General reveals A LOT.

What really struck me, however, was the similarity between what's happening to Texas Democrats right now and what happened to the original Federalist Party during James Madison's second term.  As Larry Schweikart explains in A Patriot's History of the United States:
Politically, the Federalist Party died, its last stalwarts slinking into the Republican opposition and forming a viable new National Republican caucus....In this way they were able to continue to expound Hamilton's program of tariffs, banks, and subsidized industrialism, but do so in a new democratic rhetoric that appealed to the common man. (177)
This is important because I think it foreshadows a technique we're going to see a lot more of in future election cycles.  Democrats are going to be wiped out in 2012.  Once that happens,  I expect to see attempts by the radical left and big business rent-seekers to infiltrate our side.  As long as we're prepared, they won't succeed, but we have to be prepared for this tactic because it's an obvious move for them.

I strongly suspect we're going to see astroturf groups with Conservative sounding names spring up after the election and before the 2013 Legislative Session.

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