Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Awesome Union Joke!!!

So a leftist pervert walks into a whorehouse and asks the Madame, "how much do you pay the girls."

The Madame responds: "We keep 75% and the girl gets 25%."

The Leftist perv moves on to the next whorehouse and asks the madame the same question.  Same Answer.

Finally, the Leftist perv arrives at the third whorehouse and asks the Madame the same question.  The Madame responds: "well, this is a Unionized whorehouse, so we keep 25% and give 75% to the girl."

The leftist perv replies: "Perfect, I'll take that 13 year old girl!"

The Madame then points to another, 85 year old woman, and says: "Actually, she has seniority, so you'll take her."

Hat Tip: Ami Horowitz

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