Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jeff Wentworth's Obsession with a TERRIBLE Idea

In researching my open letter to Ted Cruz, I came across an aspect of Sen. Jeff Wentworth's record about which I had forgotten.  Jeff Wentworth has a longstanding history of supporting 'non-partisan' redistricting.  This issue deserves greater scrutiny, because 'non-partisan' redistricting is one of the worst ideas of all time.

'Non-Partisan' redistricting is Progressivism 101.  'Non-partisan' is a euphemism for usurping the duly-elected representatives of Texas with unelected bureaucrats.  'Non-partisan' redistricting removes voter accountability from the redistricting process.

Senator Jeff Wentworth claims 'non-partisan' redistricting will keep Washington D.C. out of the Texas redistricting process.  Hogwash.  The Federal Government interferes in Texas' redistricting process because the Voting Rights Act grants the Federal Government that authority.  The solution to Federal interference in Texas elections is to repeal the Voting Rights Act at the Federal level, NOT to usurp voter accountability at the state level.

People have whined about the process by which legislative districts are drawn since the founding of the Republic.  Elbridge Gerry, for whom the word Gerrymandering is named, attended the Constitutional Convention.  Somehow, we've survived.

'Non-partisan' redistricting is a terrible idea that replaces voter accountability with unelected bureaucrats.  California just established a 'non-partisan' redistricting commission, and the public-sector unions predictably stacked the board.  Then again, that Sen. Jeff Wentworth wants to import bad ideas from California to Texas tells you everything you need to know about Sen. Jeff Wentworth in the first place.

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