Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chris Hayes Shouldn't Have Apologized

This weekend, Chris Hayes let slip a classic Kinsely gaffe on MSNBC:

I know other conservatives disagree, but I say good for Chris Hayes.  Usually, liberals try to hide what they really think; Chris Hayes didn't.  For being honest, Chris Hayes is the anti-Obama.

Conservatives should be happy anytime the Left reveals the truth about itself.  Most liberals agree with Bill Ayres, they're just not willing to say so openly.  Liberalism is, by definition, anti-biblical, anti-capitalist, and anti-military.  When honestly presented, liberalism repels decent God-fearing Americans.

Chris Hayes is on record opposing The Bible.  Chris Hayes is on record Opposing Free Enterprise.  Why is anyone surprised that he also opposes our troops?!?  Nothing is more infuriating than listening to liberals pretend to care about our troops.  If Chris Hayes believes that the United States military is populated by baby-killing, inbred, Christian zealots then he should say so.

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