Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Marriage Matters

Since Obama's homosexual 'marriage' interview last week, there have been far too many people on our side who view the issue as a distraction from the economy.  They fail to understand that there are deeper forces at play.  Homosexual 'marriage' has nothing to do with homosexuality; it's a Trojan Horse for the left's final assault on the Church.

It troubles me the how many members of the Tea Party fail to appreciate the assault on the Church embedded in the Homosexual 'marriage' debate.  You already have people advocating to force Churches to perform homosexual 'weddings' in the United Kingdom.  Why, in the U.S., anybody would want to hand a weapon like homosexual 'marriage' to a government that is already forcing Churches to subsidize abortion baffles me.  Once homosexual 'marriage' is the law of the land, does anyone doubt that government censorship of the pulpit will shortly follow?!?

Giving the government this sort of a weapon to use against Churches is insane, just insane.

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