Friday, May 4, 2012

On Dan Savage and Marxist Sexual Values

By now, you've probably heard about Dan Savage's recent factually incorrect and bigoted attack on the Bible.  Savage has been at this game for years, but he's stepped it up lately.

My first reaction to the controversy is that it's a sad example of a miserable attack from a miserable man.  While the story got on my nerves, I was planning on letting the controversy pass without comment.  People like Dan Savage are not worth getting angry over; we must, however, understand his perspective because he's using sex as a smokescreen to advance Marxism via stealth.

If you are a parent, you have to know who Dan Savage is; people like Dan Savage are teaching the next generation about Sex.  Dan Savage has the ear of the President.  Dan Savage wants to talk to your kids about sex, and he's willing to go behind your back to do so.

Dan Savage has been writing a weekly sex column for over a decade.  His writing shatters all standards of decency. The first time you read Dan Savage's column, it's kinda risque.  The second time it's 'interesting.'  The third time, it's gross.  If you read past the third time, you risk losing your soul.  I say this as someone who almost lost their soul two years ago at a time when I read Dan Savage's column religiously (pun intended).

Dan Savage envisions a society where every form of perversion is accepted, as long as you use a condom.    I met Dan Savage once, in late 2005 or early 2006, at an event in New York City.  If you've ever read his column or seen him on TV, he's exactly the same in real life.  What struck me about meeting him face to face, however, was the angry tension with which he carries himself; Dan Savage is the homosexual Bill Maher.  Columnist Maggie Gallagher is correct when she states:
Savage has a clear vision for America: It will be a place where, in order to remain respectable citizens, Christians (and others with traditional moral views) will simply have to drop not only Leviticus, but Genesis, and oh by the way, Jesus' own words in Matthew 19.
Christian moral understanding of sex, gender and marriage will simply have to change, Savage asserts. Why? Because he and others say so. To do otherwise is to be mean to him and other gay people. Our very existence, our identity as both good Christians and good citizens is an offense to him. 
 (My addition: It's actually worse than what Gallagher asserts because the objective is use sexual license as a vehicle to destroy Christianity to advance full-blown Marxism)
I've blogged about Marxist Sexual values before, and I'm going to have a lot more to say on the topic in the near future. For now, parents must understand that Dan Savage is a leading purveyor of Marxist Sexual vales, and his objective is get your kids having lots of weird sex at a very young age.  Marxist Sexual values are seductive, especially to teenagers, because they justify having lots of sex.  Obsession with sexual gratification advances Marxist objectives because it undermines the discipline necessary to achieve anything; people like Dan Savage mischaracterize sexual discipline (insert S&M joke here!) as repression.  Once you're having lots of irresponsible sex, you're going to be predisposed to have someone else (ie. the government) take care of your needs.

Anger and misery are the natural consequence of Marxist sexual values.

Parents beware: Dan Savage is coming for your kids.

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