Saturday, May 12, 2012

Texas CD-21 and HD-121, a call for Republican Primary Debates: An Open Letter to Joe Pags

Dear Sir,

I called your radio show yesterday, we spoke briefly during the six o'clock hour before WOAI dropped my call; this letter contains my sentiments.

Last week's U.S. Senate result in Indiana proves the righteous power of the Conservative grassroots.  Since the Indiana result, attention has naturally shifted to the U.S. Senate race in Texas.  That's awesome, Ted Cruz is a once in a generation Superstar who deserves our support.

In addition to Ted Cruz's race, two other races in WOAI's broadcast range will be crucial to the future of our nation and our state.  In CD-21, Congressman Lamar Smith is a 25 year Washington insider with a long history of questionable votes.  In addition, as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith hasn't done squat to address the Muslim Brotherhood's treasonous infiltration of the United States government.  In HD-121, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is an all purpose slime-ball who supports higher taxes, casino gambling, and opposes Governor Perry's Texas Budget Compact.

Both CD-21 and HD-121 are contested primaries on the Republican side; the incumbents are opposed by Sheriff Richard Mack and Matt Beebe respectively.  Having met the challengers, I believe they're just as exciting as Ted Cruz.  Even if I'm wrong, at least Sheriff Richard Mack and Matt Beebe are pledged to ending bailouts and cutting spending.

A world without vigorous Republican primaries is a world where the President of the United States eats dog and Kim Kardashian has multiple television shows.  That is where you come in, Joe Pags.  Both Congressman Lamar Smith and Speaker Joe 'Slimball' Straus are avoiding primary debates.  As the Rush Limbaugh of San Antonio you, Joe Pags, are in a unique position to obstruct their plans.  You have a well-deserved reputation for being both tough and fair, thus the incumbents cannot dodge you without revealing the truth about themselves.

The call, Joe Pags, is from Jesus.  He needs you to be Obi Wan Kenobe.  Will you accept?!?

The Republican Primary voters of Texas CD-21 and HD-121 deserve their respective debates.

Help us Joe Pags; you're our only hope.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
May, 12 2012.

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