Monday, December 24, 2012

Billy Graham's 1977 Christmas Message

Talk about a message even more relevant today than it was 35 years ago:

  • For the record, the man in black (white shirt) sitting to Billy Graham's right IS Johnny Cash.
  • "Ominous clouds are gathering on the horizon in many parts of the world that could effect the whole world, including your world and mine"; even truer today than it was 35 years ago.
  • "In the middle of these problems, comes the message of Christmas."
  • The real Christmas message: "answers all the great question that plague the human race at this or any other hour."
    • Birth: "For centuries, men had looked to Heaven and asked God to come out of that [picture] frame; at Bethlehem, 2000 years ago, He did just that....He humiliated himself, He took the form of a servant."
    • Death: "Christmas to have meaning cannot be separated from the Cross....Jesus Christ, through His death and resurrection, can transform both individuals and societies....It was on Good Friday and Easter that God did for man what man could not do for himself.

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