Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbi Daniel Lapin: The Moral Goodness of Free Enterprise

We've discussed the moral case for free enterprise before; Rabbi Daniel Lapin has a lot more on the topic:

    • In an ethical marketplace, making money is "a certificate of good performance, a mark of virtue."
    • When people know something can be done, that makes all the difference....and Jews know it can be done.
    • "We are not people with souls, we are souls with bodies."
    • In a free market, you cannot make money unless you help another person
      • When you make money, you are doing good. 
    • When you serve another person and they give you money in exchange, everyone benefits.
    • Profit comes from serving another of God's creatures.
    • The process of economic transaction is related to the process of human interaction.
    • God wants us to be obsessively preoccupied with the needs of other people.
      • That's how you become wealthy.
    • The old testament is filled with contractual relations. 
    • Relationships produce profit.
    • Relationships depend on the uniqueness of human beings.
    • There can be no commerce among identical people.
    • Free People are net creators, not consumers; people under Socialism are the opposite.
    • The underlying story of the Tower of Babel is socialism.
      • The Tower of Babel was the first Socialist Utopia.
      • Identical Bricks instead of Unique Stones.
      • Centralized Control from a Central Tower.
    •  The Abrahamic model (capitalism) is based on giving.
      • How can I bless other people?!?
      • What can I do for other human beings?!?
        • Fellowship and Fresh Cheeseburgers!

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