Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paul Rahe on the Destructive Legacy of the Sexual Revolution

I'm on a bit of a Beck break until the end of the year, but this clip from Paul Rahe from his show yesterday is a must see:


  • The Sexual revolution was about giving away to impulses.
  • Out of wedlock childbearing epitomizes a lack of long-term planning
  • A moral revolution (not for the better) has taken place.
  • Can a republic be sustained in a world in which people are acting on impulse?!?
  • You have to encourage young people to thing long-term.
  • Americans used to get married at 18; now there's a period of social immaturity until 30 (personal note: Guilty as Charged).
  • When a country is seriously religious, it leads people to think about eternity.

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