Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stanley Kurtz: Spreading the Wealth

Again, appropos of CSCOPE, it's worth remembering that a big part of the Marxist agenda moving forward is for greater control of education via unelected bureaucrats:

  • Having city governments swallow up and control suburban governments.
    • The goal is to control suburban tax $$$
  •  Suburban school districts would be 'equalized' with the inner city.
    • Race to the top was the foot in the door
    • National (far-left) education standards (eg. CSCOPE) followed by 'equalization of funding between cities and suburbs.
    • Blood money from Washington is the enforcement mechanism.
  •  Sustainable Communities Initiative -- Using transportation funding to encourage suburbanites to move into cities; rerouting Federal transportation dollars from Highways to Mass Transit.
  • "The American Dream of moving to the suburbs is based on greed and racism."

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  1. Obviously you have an extensive knowledge about CSCOPE. I am helping with a documentary on the subject and would like to talk to you.
    If you feel comfortable with the idea, please call me at 325-365-2048 or email me your number and I will call on my dime.

    Ms. Mac
    bio: www.fortword.com


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