Monday, December 10, 2012

ENDORSEMENT Shift: David Simpson for Texas House Speaker

This morning, Bryan Hughes dropped out of the Texas House Speaker's race and endorsed David Simpson.  David Simpson supports the Texas Budget Compact.  Therefore, following Bryan Hughes' lead, Cahnman's Musings shifts our endorsement for Texas House Speaker to David Simpson.

Cahnman's Musings is committed to protect and strengthen Texas' Economy.  We can't do anything about the threats coming at Texas from Washington, but Texas can keep our own house in order.  In that context, current Texas House Speaker Joe Straus' spendthrift, Obama-esque, crony-socialist 'leadership' remains an economic risk Texas cannot afford.

While Economic policy is our primary concern at the state level, another aspect of David Simpson's record deserves commendation.  In 2011, during the 82nd Texas Legislature, David Simpson led the charge to prohibit TSA groping in Texas' airports.  Unfortunately, that effort failed, but any effort to push back against Washington is welcome in Texas.

Here is Simpson's speech during the TSA fight (h/t Voices Empower):

For these reasons, following Bryan Hughes' lead, Cahnman's Musings unconditionally shifts our endorsement in the Texas House Speaker's race to David Simpson.

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