Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Promiscuity Begets Economic Collapse

It's been said that Great Britain today  is a preview of the United States in ten years.  On that note, this video on the direct economic costs to Great Britian from their culture of promiscuity (a topic I've touched on in America here and here) should be an eye opener to every self-described fiscal conservative in America:

  • STD rates are up 74% in Great Britain in the past decade.
  • US: 19 million new cases of STD's each year at a direct cost to taxpayers of $17 billion.
  • 96% of all abortions in the United Kingdom are state-subsidized.
  • Welfare costs for single parents in the United Kingdom are the same amount as the interest on their national debt.
  • "Sin begets sin and eventually a downward spiral of moral entropy takes hold."  Amen to that.
  • 100 BILLION pounds in the U.K. is the direct financial costs to the government from various forms of sexual immorality.
  • Bear in mind, this video only discusses measurable financial costs; NOT the opportunity cost of the time all these people spend treating their STD's instead of engaging in productive activity.
Social decay is very expensive.  This is why you cannot separate economic and 'social' issues.  It's also why America desperately needs a Sexual Counterrevolution.

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