Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making Texas Strong in the 83rd Legislature

Cahnman's Musings is committed to protect and strengthen Texas' Economy; in that spirit, we support everything presented by the Texas Tea Party Advisory Caucus today:

    • No Budget Gimmicks
  • Reduce State Government to Core Constitutional Functions
    • Education (60% of the Budget)
    • Transportation
    • Criminal Justice
    • Corrections
    • Medicaid (25% of the Budget)
    • Law Enforcement
    • Emergency Services
  •  Preserve the Rainy Day Fund
    • Only for natural or man-made disasters
    • We don't want to get stuck calling on Washington, a la NY/NJ after Sandy
  •  Eliminate "Economic Development" Corporate Welfare.
  •  Reduce reliance on Federal Dollars
    • Washington is broke, and they weren't a particularly reliable partner to begin with; stop rattling the tin cup.
  •  Zero Based Budgeting
  • Reduce State Debt
  • Abolish Margins Tax
  • Return Transportation to Core Responsibilities
    • Stop Building Roads with Debt
  •  School Choice
    • Education is the Civil Rights issue of our time.
  • Ban Sanctuary Cities
    • Stop Human Trafficking
  •  Major Tenth Amendment Action
    • Obamacare
    • Dept of Interior
  •  Prohibit Compliance with the NDAA
Empower Texans has more here.

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