Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stanley Kurtz: Radical in Chief

With the CSCOPE scandal bringing stealth Marxism back into focus, its worth reviewing Obama's history:

  • There were extended periods of Obama's life when he was an open socialist, including a phase as a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary.
  • There's a surprisingly long paper trail re: Obama.
  • Obama's community organizer pals thought of themselves as socialists, they just didn't say so.
  •  Obama has lived his whole life in 'a thoroughly socialist world."
    • Frank Marshall Davis
    • Obama was an open Marxist-Leninist revolutionary in college.
    • Obama attended socialist scholars conferences in NYC from 1983 to 1985.
    • Obama saw himself at the cutting edge of 'resisting Ronald Reagan."
  •  Bill Ayres was part of the Chicago Stealth Socialism network.
    • Brought Obama onto various education related boards.
  •  Chicago school 'reform' was Ayres brainchild.
    • Smokescreen for 'community control of government' to move in a long-term socialist direction.
      • Taking over via a long term series of local elections.
    • Allied with then Chicago mayor Harold Washington.
  •  Moving to the suburbs meant 'abandoning' poor minorities in the inner-city.
    •  Government programs, not self-improvment.
  •  'Socialism from below' is embedded into all sorts of Obama-era legislation (ie. Dodd-Frank)
  • Obama wants to have a class-based battle over the Bush tax cuts in 2012.
  • Obama's mentors thought that, if class became the primary dividing line in American politics, we'd move towards Socialism.

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