Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Who is The [Texas] Public Education Visioning Institute?!?

Get to know one of the key players in designing CSCOPE:

  • The Institute's "Overall Objective": "To develop 'Relevant Core Values' from 'New Visions and Purposes' from which public education can emerge."
    • Question: Why aren't 'core values' from traditional 'visions and purposes' relevant?!?
  • "Productive Social Context"
    • Define this term
  •  "Rethinking resources for Public Education"
    • Define 'rethinking'
  •  "What could public education look like in 2020?!?"
    • Obviously, that's their timeline.
  •  This video was created in 2006; they've obviously got a head start.
The 83rd Texas Legislature has no business increasing public education funding until we get to the bottom of this.


  1. Maybe it's indeed time for all of us to "rethink school resources."

  2. I dont know nothing about politics. I tried to research enough about the two, but i need to know who is the right person to vote for?? I need real concrete information about their plans to help the country prosper. Please help me?

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