Monday, December 31, 2012

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram's bizarre attack on a Political 'Non-event'

Cahnman's Musings had never hear of Bud Kennedy before the Ft. Worth Star Telegram published this strange rant on Saturday.

Kennedy attacks next week's Women on the Wall conference in Austin for, well, I'm not sure what exactly.

Apparently, Bud Kennedy is shocked that conference organizers would attempt to recover their out-of-pocket, upfront, costs for hosting the event:
Like wrestling promoters, Tea Party groups are taking a financial interest in stirring up a fight.  They've invested [author's note: emphasis mine; invested, as in, covered the costs of the conference out of pocket and upfront.] in staging a two day Austin political rally around the Speaker's election and the opening of the legislature.
Imagine the nerve!  A group of concerned citizens holding an event to express those concerns to their elected officials, and they're even covering costs!!!  Troglodytes....

Cahnman's Musings has no idea what to make of Bud Kennedy's temper-tantrum, although we are curious if Mommy was late getting little Buddy his juice and cookies.

For everyone else: Women on the Wall would love to have you at their conference next Monday and Tuesday (1/7-8) in Austin.  I'm sure they'd also love assistance covering the costs of the event.  Obviously, the Speaker's race will be a major topic.  Beyond the Speaker's Race, however, Women on the Wall will train activists in effective lobbying.  Help start the 83rd Texas Legislature off right!!!


Ft. Worth Star Telegram:
John Gravois
Deputy Managing Editor
Politics and Government
(817) 390-7734


  1. Love the post Adam. Those of us in North Texas have been dealing with Bud for awhile now. Nothing he does is a surprise anymore. Thank you for the plug for the "Keep Texas Strong" Speaker Showdown. It is going to be a great event. Hey check out Bill Zedler's speech linked. I think you will enjoy his take on Bud Kennedy. North Texans Love Rep. Bill Zedler!!

  2. We need to show up just to find OUR state reps and insist they support David Simpson for Speaker. Find 'em and "make them" do what we sent them to do!



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