Thursday, August 9, 2012

Andy McCarthy on the Muslim Brotherhood Controversey

The man who should be Mitt's Attorney General at the National Press Club:


  • This isn't about a criminal prosecution, it's about determining if someone should have access to sensitive information.
  • U.S. Government is being radically harmonized with the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Islamists = Muslims beholden to Islamic Supremacism.
  • Islamic Supremacism = Totalitarian social system, NOT a religion.
  • The goal of ALL Islamists is to impose Sharia.
  • Islamic Supremacism isn't fringe; it's a mainstream school of Islamic Thought.
  • Muslim Brotherhood = Vanguard of a ground-up, revolutionary, ideological mass movement.
  • The threat is much broader than terrorism.
  • Islamists intend to insinuate themselves into our major institutions, including the policy-making bodies of our government.
  • High public office is a privilege, not a right.
  • Being tough on violent jihadists has given Barack Obama room to maneuver with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The lame lefty straw-man questioners at the end shows how much Andy McCarthy frightens them.

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