Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Note on Accountability and Writing History

The past few days, I've been neck deep reading about corruption in the Obama administration.  From Hillary Clinton, to Eric Holder, to Janet Napoletano, to Elena Kagan, to Tim Geithner, to countless others, the level of corruption, sleaze, and outright treason in this administration boggles the mind.  Unfortunately, we're not going to get to the bottom of the Obama administration's malfeasance before Mitt takes over next year.  That's why Citizen Journalists and Tea Partiers need to continue investigating this administration after they leave office.  History will thank us.

In his speech at FreePAC last month, John Fund explained that the easiest way to prevent future acts of voter fraud is to prosecute the acts of voter fraud that have already occured.  The more I think about it, the more that statement applies in general.  The best was to prevent future corruption is to prosecute the corruption that has occured in the Obama and late Bush administrations.

When Mitt assumes office next year, there is going to be tremendous pressure to 'Move On' from the late Bush/Obama years.  Citizen Journalists and Tea Partiers need to resist this pressure.  Fortunately, Citizen Journalists and Tea Partiers have gotten really good at resisting pressure.

In my interview last June, Ted Cruz said accountability for Eric Holder and Elena Kagan "certainly could" extend past January 2013.  I also spoke privately with a Republican U.S. Congressman last month who actually expressed stronger sentiments than Ted Cruz did in the interview.  That's good, but we can't rely on elected officials to do our job for us.

We're in the final six months of Barack Obama's administration.  At this point, it's obvious that they're running out the clock and hoping that we'll forget about their malfeasance.  If we want to prevent the corruption of the past 5 years from happening again, we can't let that happen.  We need to maintain long memories.  History will thank us.

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