Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Barack Obama Ended Julian Castro's Career

Last week, Barack Obama announced San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro would keynote the Democrat Party convention.  In so doing, Barack Obama inspired a closer look at Castro's record as Mayor.  That closer examination reveals Julian Castro to be a far left Obama clone without positive accomplishments.  Texans don't elect far left Obama clones without positive accomplishments  Congratulations Barack Obama.

The best examination of Julian Castro's record is this National Review Online piece by Jim Geraghty, money quote:
Castro is indeed a lot like the Barack Obama of 2004: a subject of glowing media profiles, touted as the voice as an entire ethnic group, charisma by the bucketful....and a short record of quite modest achievements.  The vast majority of the discussion about Castro focuses on his enormous potential and what is to come, not on his accomplishments and what he has done....Castro was elected by a populace facing serious problems, and in his time in office, the city has made very little measurable progress in addressing those problems.
 If anyone believes, after four years of Barack Obama, that someone with Julian Castro's record of high crime, higher taxes, and hanging out with La Raza, will win statewide election in Texas; then I have mineral rights I'd LOVE to sell them.

At this point, I can anticipate people making the cliched and tiresome "Growth in the Latino Population will make Texas a swing state" argument.  Of course, Texas Latinos are actually trending Republican.  That being said, the strongest argument against this thesis takes two words: Ted Cruz.

My fellow Texas Blogger, Red Sonja, sums up Julian Castro and the contrast with Ted Cruz well:
Castro is a minime of Obama.  Listen to his nauseating rhetoric.  In the video [provided in link], Castro claims Obama brought the economy back from the 'brink' and 'rescued' the auto industry....Let's NOT confuse Ted Cruz the conservative with Julian Castro the Socialist.
 Ted Cruz has a bright future in Texas politics; Julian Castro is the next Bill White.

Julian Castro might have been able to skate by a few more years without proper scrutiny; the convention spotlight changes that.  Tea Partiers in Texas know Julian Castro's record of high-crime, higher taxes, and pandering to La Raza that the broader electorate will also know before he runs for statewide office.  Congratulations Barack Obama.


  1. I grew up in San Antonio and I remember Henry Cisneros in his early days, the Mayor of San Antonio. As soon as the Castro (twin) brothers started running for office, one for San Antonio City Council and one for Texas House of Representatives, I knew we had trouble on our hands. I started warning people and talking to people back then, this wasn't surprising.

    Castro ran for Mayor, in 2005, and lost to Phil Hardberger. This was a stay of execution for us, so to speak. Four short years later, Hardberger was term-limited, and Castro was back, like that cockroach that will not go away. Well, Castro is term limited in May 2013 when San Antonio will elect a new Mayor. What's next for Castro as he builds his portfolio? A cabinet position, if disaster strikes in November and President Kardashian wins re-election?

    1. Castro has to get elected statewide if he wants to have a future in office; that's NOT gonna happen in Texas.


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