Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Coming Collapse of the Race Card

Well, it's official; a Democrat-dominated panel of Federal Judges threw out Texas' voter-ID law; Governor Perry says it best:
Chalk up another victory for fraud. Federal judges subverted the will of the people of Texas and undermined our effort to ensure fair and accurate elections. The Obama Administration's claim that it's a burden to present a photo ID to vote simply defies common sense.
This ruling made my blood pressure spike, but only for ten seconds; it reeks of desperation.

The notion that, having to prove you actually are who you say you are before voting, is racist is silly. The nation's Attorney General had his ballot given away.  In reality, dishonest elections hurt minorities.

This is insulting.  In Texas, it takes 45 minutes and twenty-five dollars to get a photo-ID.  If you believe minorities are incapable of getting a photo-ID then, quite honestly, you're the racist.

This won't last much longer.  Eric Holder already helped elect Ted Cruz.  Barack Obama's pathetic re-election campaign, following the Treyvon Martin hoax, is draining the race card's potency.  Calling voter-ID laws racist won't restore it.  A year or two after Obama leaves office, the race card will be done.

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  1. I love your conclusion that in a year or two the race card will be done.

    You might like my blog post on MLK day back in January, and the window decal that my wife made as an alternative to the race card. In Honor of Dr. King - Let's Bury the Race Card.

    And replace it with this.

    Racism is garbage.
    DO NOT recycle.
    Just toss it.


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