Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mediterranean Update Tuesday: What is 'the Istanbul Process'?!?

Yesterday, I outlined key players and key lessons in the emerging struggle against Islamic subversion; today, I want to focus on one specific area where Hillary Clinton's State Department is advancing the subversive agenda.

What is 'the Istanbul process' ?!?

The Istanbul process, a brainchild of the mafia-esque Organization of the Islamic Conference, seeks to criminalize criticism of Islam as hate speech.  As such, the Istanbul process violates both the First Amendment and common sense.  Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton's state department is heavily promoting the Istanbul process inside the United States.

The most galling aspect, however, are the bald-faced lies Hillary Clinton is telling to promote the Istanbul process.  In her remarks provided above, Hillary Clinton said "the state does not silence ideas, no matter how disagreeable they might be, because we believe that in the end, the best way to treat offensive speech is by either ignoring it or combating it with good speech and good speech that overwhelms it."  That assertion is flabbergasting, considering that the text of the relevant U.N. resolution explicitly calls for member states "to criminalize incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief."

Hillary Clinton's State Department is actively promoting dhimmitude and Hillary Clinton is telling bald-faced lies to cover it up; this treasonous administration cannot leave office quickly enough.

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