Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barack Obama's Anti-Texas Policies

I might be helping launch a new, Texas-specific, endeavor soon. As part of that process, I wanted to document the anti-Texas policies of the Obama administration.  Here they are, in all their horror.

  • Barack Obama's regional EPA administrator claimed a desire to 'crucify' (yeah, that crucify) energy producers.
  • Barack Obama's Defense Department classified the Ft. Hood jihadist attack as 'workplace violence.'
  • Barack Obama's Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napoletano, gave a Muslim Brotherhood operative a security clearance, which he then used to illegally disseminate classified information he gained from the Texas Department of Public safety.
  • Barack Obama's Justice Department, led by Eric Holder, is trying to stop the voter-ID law the Texas Legislature approved in 2011.
* Both Rick Perry and I believe the Federal Government shouldn't be a major player fighting wildfires; unfortunately, when you're in the middle of a crisis, you have to work within the current screwed-up system.

Barack Obama is bad for America; he's even worse for Texas.

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