Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Coming Democrat Akin Overreaction

Todd Akin is an idiot.  While I agree that he's getting a raw deal, the bottom line is that he flubbed a predictable question for which any pro-life male has to prepare.  Akin's comment, however, is paving the way for a Democrat overreaction that will hurt Democrats far more than Akin's comment will hurt Republicans.

In reaction to Akin, Democrats have already turned their convention into abortionpalooza.  They're going to feature the heads of Planned Parenthood and NARAL; they've even managed to draw Marxist skank "Reproductive Rights Activist" Sandy Fluke back from whatever rock she originally crawled out from under. This won't end well for Democrats.

Abortion isn't popular.

What Democrats fail to understand is that the Sexual Revolution was a massive lie, and that women bore the brunt of its consequences.  When wealthy liberals like Sandy Fluke promote the doctrine of consequence-free, government-subsidized fornication, normal women see through that lie.  Normal women are concerned about the economy, not in having the government protect either gender from the consequences of poor sexual decisions.

The frustrating thing is that there's a major economic issue embedded in this discussion.  Sexual promiscuity often leads to welfare, which leads to government spending and debt, with predictable consequences for economic growth and employment.  Unfortunately, Republicans would never have the cojones to argue that promiscuity begets poverty.

Sandy Fluke is a uniquely unattractive figure, and that's not a dig at her physical appearance.  Sandy Fluke is protected from the consequences of the lifestyle she promotes.  Normal women aren't.  Normal women understand poor sexual choices lead to horrific consequences.  Government subsidies cannot alter the wages of sin.

Todd Akin messed up.  He flubbed an obvious and predictable question, and he deserves to suffer the consequences.  That being said, if Democrats want to turn this into a fight between Todd Akin's inartful attempt to save lives, and everything Sandy Fluke represents; I'm not afraid of that fight.

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