Friday, August 17, 2012

How Ted Cruz can Slay Texas Democrats

"When was the last time you saw a Hispanic Panhandler?!?"
- Ted Cruz

I've written before about the dire straits of Texas Democrats.  This November, the opportunity exists to set Texas Democrats back in a way where they won't recover for a generation.  Furthermore, Texas Republicans have the perfect man for the job.

If he's smart, Ted Cruz can leverage his political capital into major coattails.

All Ted Cruz has to do is show up and promote the exact same message he's been promoting for a year and a half.  Setting Ted Cruz's rhetorical prowess aside, his message is basic common sense.  I believe that, if Ted Cruz shows up and talks to folks without a media filter, Ted Cruz can convert lifelong Democrats.

To accomplish this, Ted Cruz needs to show up in the right places.  That mean Austin.  That means El Paso. That means inner-city Houston.  That means the Rio Grande Valley.  That means the Latino Sections of San Antonio.  If Ted Cruz actively courts voters Democrats take for granted, the reaction of Texas Democrats will also be REALLY unattractive.

During the primary, Ted Cruz demonstrated his willingness to travel anywhere he needed to go to meet voters.  If Ted Cruz continues this approach in the General Election, it will produce similar results.  Managed properly, Ted Cruz's general election campaign will be a stake through the heart of Texas Democrats.

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