Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Todd Akin

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born, I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet unto the nations."
- Jeremiah 1:5

I have two thoughts on the Todd Akin kerfuffle; one moral, one political.  On a moral level, Claire McCaskill's willingness to murder unborn babies is far more offensive than Todd Akin's in-artful comment.  On a political level, however, Akin fell into an obvious trap, which questions his competence.

No politician who supports murdering unborn babies should get to claim the moral high ground on anything.  Unborn babies deserve to live.  Claire McCaskill wants to murder unborn babies.  Todd Akin, as in-artfully as he may have said it, wants to save lives.  Which is worse?!?

Upon hearing about this incident, my first instinct was to circle the wagons around Akin and indignantly counterattack.  That does not, however, strike me as the prudent course.  This comment illustrates an inability to focus on the basic moral issue.

When you run for office on a pro-life platform, especially as a male, you need to prepare for the 'abortion in the case of rape question.'  During his Presidential campaign, Rick Santorum gave the model response: "the rape isn't the baby's fault."  You then direct follow up questions to James Robison.  Todd Akin, by contrast, gave a meandering answer about 'legitimate rape' (whatever that is) and the likelihood of conception.  By falling into such a predictable trap, I worry about what trap Akin falls into next.

Todd Akin allowed irrelevant contingencies to distract from the question of murdering unborn children.  Claire McCaskill, like all Democrats, needs to be hammered on this issue.  Unfortunately, I no longer trust Todd Akin to competently challenge her on this, or any, issue.  God is just.  If Todd Akin falls on his sword now, he will be rewarded in the future.

Update: It looks like Akin's staying in; he better go on offense against "Claire McCaskill Child-Murderer."

"Admit nothing, Deny Everything, Counterattack." Roger Stone

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  2. Independent voters are not going to vote for Akin. The GOP may well lose the seat, and if we don't get the senate, we may be stuck with ObamaCare. At this point, Akin is behaving out of self-interest, not patriotism.


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