Monday, August 13, 2012

Will David Barton be the Next Chick-fil-a?!?

David Barton is a national treasure.  He has done more to preserve the truth about America's Juedo-Christian foundation than anyone else currently alive.  That's why what happened to him Friday is such a shame.

In cast you missed it, last Friday the publisher of Barton's latest work The Jefferson Lies dropped the title.  They claimed a review of the book revealed "historical details...that were not adequately supported."  It's worth pointing out that the publisher did not offer a single specific example.  The publisher didn't even consult Barton over the alleged inaccuracies before pulling the book.  In reality, the publisher caved to left-wing pressure.

(Sidenote: If the book is really as inaccurate as the publisher claims, what does it say about the competence of that publisher that they green-lighted it in the first place?!?)

David Barton is a big boy and he can take care of himself.  He's already found a new publisher.  There is, however, opportunity in this setback.

This controversy is another Chick-fil-a.  In both cases, someone made a claim contrary to the conventional wisdom.  In both cases, rather than engaging in open debate, the purveyors of conventional wisdom shut down dissenting views.

Obviously, I don't (yet!) have a megaphone the size of Mike Huckabee's or Glenn Beck's.  I do, however, think holding 'David Barton Appreciation Day' on September 1 would send a powerful message.  Please take a moment to post this blog entry to Mike Huckabee's and Glenn Beck's Facebook pages if you agree.

Update: The Blaze has A LOT more.

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