Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barack Obama's Stoner Caricature of a Campaign

I smoked a lot of pot in college; last night, in reading about the Presidential campaign, I remembered one of those late-night, bong-hit inspired, college stoner brainstorming sessions.

I don't remember exactly when this session occurred, but it had to have been 2002 because it was in response to a sleazy Grey Davis re-election ad (I lived in California at the time).  Against a backdrop of bong-hits, we endeavored to create the most negative political campaign ever.  Some of our gems:

Here's the thing: Barack Obama's re-election campaign has actually done all five of those things, and we're not even to the conventions.  Barack Obama's re-election strategy was, quite unintentionally, mapped out by a group of giggling college stoners about a decade ago.  I find this amazing.

Update: Welcome to James Taranto's twitter followers.

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